Monday, 18 November 2013

Chapter VI Sexuality and Marriage in INGSOC

In Section vi we come across the Party’s attitude towards Sexuality, Marriage and Reproduction. The big news is that we discover that Winston was married and is still married to Katherine a fellow party member. Big Brother has a repressive attitude towards sexuality. As children are growing up they are taught to look down on sexuality, join the anti sex league and regard sexual intercourse as being dirty and unnatural “like having an enema”.

However as INGSOC needs children for the future there is a process whereby two party members can apply to be married to do their duty for the party or make a baby. If it appears the members find each other sexually attractive permission is refused. Ideally in the future all babies will be produced by “artsem” artificial insemination.

There are two interesting results.
1. Party members such as Katherine feel very cold and unnatural in making love and so the marriage broke up because Winston found Katherine vacuous.
 2. Winston and others resort to the sexcrime of prostitution with the proles. 

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